In choosing one type of treatment over another the prescriber would primarily take into account the patients need for weight loss. Prolonged use of injectable GLP-I agonists are associated with quite a lot of consistent weight loss whereas the DDP-4 tablet based therapies are weight neutral. Both however help lower blood glucose.

Even within the two distinct groups of treatment there is a wide variety of choice due to drug company investment in this area. One of the original injectable GLP-1 agonists called exenatide is either marketed as byetta for twice daily treatment or as byduron for once weekly treatment. There are also once daily drugs such as  liraglutide  marketed under the brand name Victoza and  other once weekly drugs  such as semaglutide marketed under the brand name Ozempi.

Many people opt for tablets rather than injections and the tablet based industry is a huge market with a wide variety of different variations on the same theme. The tablet based drugs, known as the gliptins, include sitagliptin (januvia), saxagliptin (onglyza), vildagliptin (galvus) and linagliptin (tradjenta).

An additional eye opener into the world of drug company commerce reveals the availability of combination tablets with our baseline drug metformin (glucophage). Januvia plus metformin in one tablet is known as janumet whilst vildagliptin plus metformin is called eucreas.