Dr Richard Sheaves has developed a specialist thyroid service where the investigation advances in pathology, nuclear medicine, radiology and surgery are fully established on site.

A highly dedicated team led by Dr Sheaves provides a comprehensive general endocrinology service for thyroid and pituitary related conditions. This includes assessment, investigation and clear discussion of treatment options with on-going assessments and advice. 

With expertise in the latest developments in the study of thyroid disorders, patients have the comfort that they are with a team who are up-to date with on-going research and available treatment.

A personalized and tailored service that focuses on the patient’s particular requirements whether they include blood tests at home or medications delivered directly to you.

What can the Thyroid Clinic do for you?

The Thyroid Clinic offers a complete assessment of your Thyroid to determine whether you have one of the following problems:

  • Overactive or under active thyroid function.
  • Autoimmune thyroid disease.
  • Enlarged thyroid (goitre).
  • Thyroid nodule (benign or malignant).
  • Thyroid Cancer.

We offer advice for these specific problems

  • Treatment of an overactive thyroid with medication.
  • Radioiodine for thyrotoxicosis.
  • Thyroid surgery.
  • Thyroid hormone replacement therapy for hypothyroidism.
  • Thyroid cancer treatment programme.

The existing network of other specialists and services in the area of thyroid management  ensures immediate access to a range of facilities and treatments including:

  • Radiology (thyroid ultrasound, CT and MRI).
  • Nuclear Medicine for thyroid uptake scans.
  • The Pathology Laboratory for blood tests.
  • Ophthalmology for treatment of thyroid eye disease.
  • Radiotherapy and oncology for treatment of thyroid cancer.
  • Thyroid surgery.

Appointments can be made to see Dr Richard Sheaves at The London Clinic via Tracy@richardsheaves.com