This is when the thyroid is overactive. If you have this prior to pregnancy it is essential to seek an appointment with your endocrinologist in order to stabilise the condition and decide on optimum management during pregnancy. If during pregnancy a diagnosis of Thyrotoxicosis is made then it requires immediate treatment due to the many potential problems including a higher rate of miscarriage. Symptoms include unexpected weight loss, feeling hot, anxious and jittery.

An overactive thyroid(Thyrotoxicosis) could be due to a number of reasons such as thyroiditis, a toxic thyroid nodule or a toxic multinodular goitre.

The most common in young women, however, is Grave’s disease . This is an autoimmune disease triggered by the person’s own immune system. It can be associated with a whole host of potential pregnancy related problems. These include the effects of the high thyroid hormones on the mother which can cause palpitations or even heart failure.


from the effects of the abnormal immune system passing through the placenta to the baby.


From the drugs used to treat Thyrotoxicosis which may themselves cause unwanted effects in both the mother or baby.